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Sacred Rhythms compiled by Dubnotic and Mystical Voyager

Rukirek – Voices Of Unknown

Moai System - Emotional A.I.

VA - A Lucid Nature compiled by Chlorophil

Anchor Hill - Heartwood

Clozinger - Forest Echo

Spacechillers compiled by Maiia

Cosmic Trigger - The Hallucinatory Mountain

Ekorce - Genetic Poetry

Counter Point - Calling Of The Voice

VA - Fairy Tales Vol.3

Dedast - Nowhere to go

Runahild - Seidrúnar

TEG - Snapshots

Be Jam - Simulflow

Ethnicalvibes & Mayura - Innate Turnery

Key-G - Omens & Artifacts

Yarn - Yarnia

Cayo Largo - Innocence

Stefan Torto - Shades of Light

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts

Astropilot - Thirty Three

Between the Planets - Of Inner Sight

Sufi's Life - Quantum Secrets

Wolf Tech - Quest

VA - Astral Connection compiled by JaraLuca

VA - Gaia Temple compiled by Jedidiah

Phutureprimitive - Flow

Metamorphosis - Rhythm Of The Universe

Cloower Wooma - Alt + Fut